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Northanger Abbey Opens & 5 STAR Rave Reviews

Olivia opened the world premier of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey at The Sacramento Theatre Company on October 5th, running until October 27th. On stage for nearly the entirety of the play, Olivia, and the cast, were reviewed by a handful of local newspapers, including Broadway World.

Most notably, the Davis Enterprise remarked of Olivia and the production:

"There are many reasons to see Sacramento Theatre Company’s world premiere production of “Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey,”…but foremost among them is Olivia Stevenson…who plays both Austen herself and Catherine Morland, the heroine of the novel. Stevenson has the herculean task of being on stage almost the entire show and she is magnificent.”

Click below to see other reviews of Olivia as Jane Austen & Catherine Morland!

Davis Enterprise Article:

"Joining Meagher is lead actress Olivia Stevenson, a graduate of STC’s Young Professionals Conservatory who portrays the characters of Austen and her spunky protagonist, Catherine Morland. Both Meagher and Stevenson are the talented keys to making this a winning, entertaining production..."

"Delivering Austen's satirical wit with panache is Olivia Stevenson, who previously trained with STC's Young Professionals Conservatory. Her passion for the role of Catherine Moreland makes for a fascinating take on the character. Keeping track of every nuance and facial expression while delighting in her glee at perceived nefarious acts keeps the momentum going during the first act."

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